FAQ - Offroad Register
What is a VIN and where is it located on my bike?
A VIN, or vehicle identification number, is a unique 17 digit identifying number. Every off-road bike has a VIN which is stamped on the bike by the manufacturer. It’s located on the frame of the bike near the handlebars.
Can I use an engine number or microdot number to search the ORR database?
Yes. In addition to a VIN, an engine number and microdot number can be searched on the ORR database.
How do I check to see if an off-road bike I’m looking to buy is stolen?
All you have to do is type the VIN/data dot or nano tag in the search field and wait for the results. Easy. If it’s registered with ORR and the owner has flagged it as stolen, an alert will pop up. A normal result will show the registered owner’s ORR profile.
What vehicles can I register with Off Road Register?
ORR exists specifically for off-road vehicles. You can register two wheel motocross bikes, quad bikes, track racing bikes, track racing cars and go-karts.
Who can register their bike with Off Road Register?
Any Australian resident over the age of 16.
How does Off-Road Register differ from any other off-road registration websites in Australia?
ORR is the first dedicated off-road vehicle registration service in Australia that lets users freely search a public database to instantly check if an off-road vehicle is stolen, at no cost. ORR’s core focus is theft-prevention.
If I’ve already registered with a government department can I still register with Off Road Register?
Yes, registering with ORR will help safeguard your bike from illegal on-selling.
What do I do if the off-road bike someone is trying to sell me comes up as stolen on the ORR website?
If you search the ORR database and the bike for sale is flagged as stolen, you can lodge a report on ORR. This report is then shared with the relevant authorities who will investigate. By providing details to the authorities on the person selling the stolen bike, you can help get the bike back to its rightful owner.
What details of mine are shown on ORR once I’ve registered?
When a search is conducted, only the public details of your ORR profile will be shown: first name, suburb, profile picture (if included) and the status of your bike.
How does Off Road Register protect against someone registering a stolen bike and claiming it as their own on Off Road Register?
When a bike is registered with ORR, proof of identification is required (driver’s license or passport). Everyone registering is also required to agree to a legal declaration stating the bike is lawfully theirs. If the bike is found to be stolen, it will be reported to the relevant authorities. A VIN, engine or microdot number already registered with ORR by the rightful owner cannot be re-registered by another person (except with the original owner’s authority and supporting documentation for transfer of ownership).