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Motorbike theft in 2016
Each year over 8000 motorbikes are stolen in Australia, that's one every hour!

So securing your bike is one of the most important things you can do, however it's not working! Most bikes are stolen from the home with almost 50% stolen from within a shed or garage, traditional security and locks are just not working and the real kicker is most bikes are never recovered.

According to the NMVTRC (National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council) most of these thefts are profit motivated, so thieves are organised and have no problem cutting through your security.
Motorbike theft in 2016
In response to this growing problem, Offroad Register has developed a bike identification system and infrastructure to eradicate bike theft in Australia.

Our System links the bikes ID to you and notifies buyers and the police of the status of the bike and its true owner, making it almost impossible for thieves to sell your bike and dramatically increases the chance of getting it back.

Buyers also never have to worry again about purchasing a stolen bike, they just use our FREE VIN search and are instantly notified if it's stolen, while also notifying its owner.
Motorbike theft in 2016
As most bike theft is profit motivated and Offroad Register makes it almost impossible to sell stolen bikes, its easy to see thieves would simply target items that are easier to sell, which can potentially reduce theft by over 50%.

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